Who are we?

International Diversification Beautician Association, abbreviated: INDBA

North American transnational professional beauty Association. Committed to all types of beauty certification. To carry out beauty study and academic seminars to promote the development and improvement of the overall standard of beautiful art in various countries; to select and award outstanding beauticians and to organize various lectures, seminars, and observance clubs to actively promote exchanges and cooperation among professional cosmetologists from all over the world.
INDBA is a global body of accredited international beauty professionals in North America and Canada that legally registers the federal government of Canada.


Our Mission

  1. Offer various types of beauty activities. Close interaction with beautician professionals, beauty theory seminars, and academic research, sharing experiences and ideas of creation, and stimulating the development of beauty art.
  2. Organize events, which are related to judging or selecting outstanding beauticians, beautician reviews, seminars, workshops, etc. Improving the quality of our team and promoting the prosperity of the beauty industry.
  3. Promote the interaction and cooperation between overseas beautician professionals.
  4. Institutions support promoting the beauty industry and educating beauty enthusiasts and talent. INDBA provides assistance to those beauty enthusiasts who have living or financial problems.
  5. Maintain legitimate rights for the beauty industry; satisfying the request of members.
  6. Provide academic concerns and assistance to outstanding beautician professionals.

Our Values

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